C.I.S. & Russia

Praise and Prayer Needs for C.I.S. & Russia

Please ask for God’s direction as we work with the FEBC-Russian ministries team and seek to develop a renewed and more far-reaching Russian outreach.

Praise the Lord for our programs broadcast to Russia and the Ukraine while tensions continue. Pray that they will contribute toward reconciliation and peace.

Please pray for TWR-Ukraine staff and their families. Ask the Lord to grant wisdom as the staff minister to their listeners and others in the troubled nation. Please pray for God to use our broadcasts to encourage, strengthen, and spread His hope, bringing peace to troubled hearts.

When the Christian population is around 1%, as it is in Russia, it is difficult for new Christians to stand their ground and even more difficult to influence their friends. TTB programs bring legitimacy to evangelical Christianity and help individuals reach out to their friends. Please pray for these evangelistic efforts by TTB listeners.

Russia is becoming a more closed country, secular media is becoming more aggressive towards the West, and it is not clear for how much longer we will have an opportunity to broadcast the gospel in Russia. Pray the door will remain open so that Russian men, women, and children can hear the gospel message of grace and come to salvation in Christ through faith!


Region Highlights

  • Religious freedoms vary greatly from country to country. Central Asia is overwhelmingly Muslim, and it is a perilous region in which to live out the Christian faith. Armenia, on the other hand, was the world’s first Christian nation, and there the church continues to flourish.

  • Many countries experience restrictions on religious freedoms. For example, all television stations in Russia are government controlled or strongly self-censored. Evangelism is greatly restricted throughout Central Asia.

  • TTB’s longest outreach to this region is in the Russian language, which we began in 1976. Our newest production is Uzbek, which started in 2011. Uzbekistan is a country where on the ground missionary work is nearly impossible.

  • The Central-Asian Russian (CARS) program is delivered to the “Stan” countries via a 1 million-watt transmitter located in a country kept undisclosed for security reasons. This is one of the largest radio transmitters in the world.

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