Praise and Prayer Needs

Please pray for the situation in Nigeria, where the persecution and killing of Christians by Muslims continues to take place. Horrific stories are coming out of the Plateau State where TTB broadcasts in the local languages of Hausa and Yoruba. We also have a ministry to the nomadic Fulani people (who are responsible for many of these killings) in the Pulaar language through the distribution of media players, but most of this work is being done in Mali, which is also a hotbed of recent Christian persecution. Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout West Africa endure horrible suffering on a daily basis and many have lost their lives because of their faith. Please pray for believers there and for a peaceful resolution to the violence.

Please pray for those involved in our ministries in Nigeria and Kenya, as well as the local churches there that have increasingly come under attack by local Muslim extremists.

Please pray that God would both guide and provide as we consider additional ministry opportunities to the people of Africa. There is a great need for sound Bible instruction. If it’s in God’s will to increase TTB’s African ministry, we want to be obedient and faithful in doing so!

Listener Testimonials

From West Africa: I enjoy your messages so much. If there is a way for me to see you face to face I would like it, because I am about to leave my religion, which is Islam, to accept your Jesus.

From West Africa:
I thank God for your preaching on radio that makes me to know more about your Jesus Christ. Pastor, I too was one of the people that you prayed for to believe your Jesus, because I too want to see the kingdom of God.
Phone call:
I am a Muslim but God has arrested my soul to his Kingdom, pray for me that I will not return to Islam religion again despite of threats from every angle.

Our producer reports:
A Muslim boy called with his parent’s mobile phone and said, “Pastor if I want to give my life to Christ what shall I do?” After our discussion he gave his life to Christ and was prayed for. But we find it very difficult to do follow up and discipleship since his parents would not allow us to have access to him. But he promised to call again through his friend’s phone.

From Kano, Nigeria:
Man of God, the Lord has use your Yoruba programme to heal my wound, that I have been battling with for some years now. I thank God for your ministry.

From Ilorin, Nigeria:
Radio ELWA is God’s ordained ministry to reach out to the corrupt society that we are living in. Thank God that the Nigerian Government has no control over your daily broadcast from South Africa [and cannot] tailor and monitor your programs as they do with our Nigeria Radio Station.

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  • Launched: 1999
  • Target Area: Nigeria
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