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Celebrate the impact of God’s Word in Nigeria

September 29, 2021

“How can you not be excited about praying for Christians and Muslims in Nigeria?” -THRU the BIBLE host, Steve Shwetz 

If you’ve already hopped aboard the Bible Bus today, we hope the passion Gregg and Steve had as they prayed for Nigeria becomes yours, too.  

Join us as we celebrate the faith of these three listeners and pray for God’s Word as it goes out in the languages of Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo: 

From Musa: “I decided to follow Christ for the rest of my life, because I have discovered now that there are truths and realities in Christ.” 

From Daraja: “I would not be a Christian if I did not hear Thru the Bible! Jesus is truly the only way to God. Thank you for sharing the truth with me.”

From Akin: “I so much appreciated Thru the Bible’s Yoruba program on Saturday. You talked on marriage and a good home. My wife and I were blessed and have decided to make some changes. Please pray for us.” 

There’s more to praise God for and pray about tomorrow. Join us in Benin. 

Listen here to TTB-Yoruba.