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A Word from Gregg Harris | May 2024

April 29, 2024

The Bible Bus is scaling the heights of Scripture this month, giving us glorious views of the past, present, and future from the book of Isaiah. From this magnificent perspective we see how God is sovereign.

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A Word from Gregg Harris | December 2023

November 29, 2023

I had my assignment. As we got ready to record our weekly conversations in the studio for December, Steve and I were asked to bring our favorite letters from 2023 to share. No problem—I keep a running collection. However, when I started to review them, I realized I had a big problem—how to choose my favorite?

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A Word from Gregg Harris | November 2023

October 31, 2023

We talk a lot about how we can each be part of the mission of taking the whole Word to the whole world. I’ve been impressed and challenged by so many of your creative ideas and encouraged by your initiative.

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A Word from Gregg Harris | September 2023

August 25, 2023

As percentages go, the Bible’s success rate is pretty remarkable. I appreciate Dr. McGee’s confidence in God when he reflected that every time God’s Word is preached, it will accomplish what God intends.

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Annual Update

July 28, 2023

THRU the BIBLE carefully invests the funds entrusted to us to make Dr. McGee’s teaching available to anyone who wants to hear it.

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A Word from Gregg Harris | April 2023

March 31, 2023

Today, we will each be given 24 hours to spend as we want. We can invest it or waste it or enjoy it. The time we spend in God’s Word and in prayer—well, it just couldn’t be spent any better.

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