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Annual Update

July 28, 2023

“Fling the Seed”


Dr. McGee loved to read your letters. He especially loved to read favorite ones on the program. Thus began our tradition that we still enjoy today. He called these testimonies of what God was doing the best ministry report we had. They showed in real time the fruit of our investment of prayer, of resources, of efforts, etc. 

While certainly it’s good practice to open the ledgers and business reports to keep communication clear and upfront, we try our best to keep you who invest in this ministry aware every month of the best ministry reports—what God is doing in people’s lives all over the world.

In addition, every day the THRU the BIBLE team—spread all over the world through our high-trust partnerships—works diligently to fulfill our amazing mission of taking the whole Word to the whole world. Because of your generous prayer and financial support, we can together fling the seed of the Word of God almost everywhere on earth.  

Annual Update

THRU the BIBLE carefully invests the funds entrusted to us to make Dr. McGee’s teaching available to anyone who wants to hear it. Over the past decade, God has opened the floodgates of opportunity to give out this systematic teaching through radio, TV, dozens of digital platforms, more than 30 different language apps, along with tens of thousands of digital players.

“The Lord Jesus is the Sower, the seed’s the Word of God, and the field is the world. He’s flinging it out in the world. Now there’s going to be a harvest someday, but … you and I are not harvesters. That’s not our business. Our business is sowing seed, and that’s the reason that I don’t worry today about the results. I worry a great deal about the source. I want to do my best here in giving out the Word of God. Why? Because that’s my business, sowing seed!” -Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Where will God’s Word go today?

The ministry of THRU the BIBLE is reaching farther and deeper than ever before. Let’s trust God to continue to honor our humble efforts to reach the world for Jesus Christ! 

Grateful for your partnership in the gospel,

Gregg Harris
Gregg Harris
THRU the BIBLE, president