What are MP3 Files?

The MP3 files available below are a digital format of the programs you hear every day on THRU the BIBLE. Thanks to this easy-to-manage format that compresses audio files, we can offer you "zipped" versions of Dr. McGee's entire five-year Bible study series for free—just download, unzip (or extract), and listen on any computer, smartphone, or MP3 player. (See instructions below.) 

Why Free?

With such an easy and cost-effective way to share God's Word, THRU the BIBLE is pleased to give these files to everyone who wants them. Isn't it amazing how God is using current technology to get His Word out? Along with the confidence that God's Word will accomplish His will in people's lives, we also believe God will continue to provide the financial means to keep this five-year program completely free to all who want to study God's Word with Dr. McGee. Together we are discovering the depths and the riches of God's Word.

You are welcome to duplicate and distribute these audio programs—no permission is needed from THRU the BIBLE. We insist, however, that you also provide them for free and never charge others for them. (See our Copyright Policy if you have any questions).

MP3 Download Instructions

Begin downloading by clicking on a Testament or book of the Bible below.

Depending on your web browser*, a zipped file will begin to download to your computer (you may have previously determined this destination as My Downloads, Recent Downloads, etc.). 

Before you can play the MP3 files, “unzip” them.

  • On Windows, you can do this by right-clicking the folder and selecting “uncompress” or follow this path.

  • On a Mac, you can double-click the folder to unzip it immediately or use a tool like Unarchiver.

Once you have downloaded and unzipped the files, you can begin studying the Bible with Dr. McGee right away on your computer or place them on your MP3 compatible devices.

*If you are having trouble downloading on Google Chrome, try right-clicking a file and select "Open Link in a New Window.” After the zipped folder has finished downloading, you can follow the same “unzipping” instructions above. 


Sunday Sermons

Enjoy sermons from Dr. McGee that aired during the 5-year THRU the BIBLE radio program. Please note that larger files may take a while to download.

Sermons during Guidelines & Old Testament studies

Sermons during with New Testament studies

THRU the BIBLE Study Program

Get on the Bible Bus with Dr. McGee and go through the whole Bible at your own pace. Please note that larger files may take a while to download.

Guidelines for the Understanding of the Scriptures (49 mb)

The Old Testament 

Entire Old Testament (2.4 GB)  

 Genesis (260 mb)
 Ecclesiastes (50.7 mb)
 Exodus (161 mb)
   Song of Solomon (54 mb)
 Leviticus (145 mb)
   Isaiah (212 mb)
 Numbers (82.8 mb)
   Jeremiah (91.1 mb)
 Deuteronomy (90.7 mb)
   Lamentations (14.9 mb)
 Joshua (58.5 mb)
   Ezekiel (105 mb)
 Judges (49.6 mb)
   Daniel (119 mb)
 Ruth (29 mb)
   Hosea (64 mb)
 1 Samuel (75.4 mb)
   Joel (33 mb)
 2 Samuel (62.8 mb)
   Amos (60.6 mb)
 1 Kings (59.3 mb)
   Obadiah (20.7 mb)
 2 Kings (65.2 mb)
   Jonah (45.4)
 1 Chronicles (52 mb)
   Micah (69.2)
 2 Chronicles (73.8 mb)
   Nahum (32.6 mb)
 Ezra (29.9 mb)
   Habakkuk (40 mb)
 Nehemiah (51.4 mb)
   Zephaniah (28 mb)
 Esther (43.1 mb)
   Haggai (33.8 mb)
 Job (97.5 mb)
   Zechariah (133 mb)
 Psalms (240 mb)
   Malachi (59.4 mb)
 Proverbs (139 mb)

The New Testament

Entire New Testament (1.8 GB)

 Matthew (178 mb)
   1 Timothy (51 mb)
 Mark (90.4 mb)
   2 Timothy (34.3 mb)
 Luke (134 mb)
   Titus (19.9 mb)
 John (178 mb)
   Philemon (4.6 mb)
 Acts (156 mb)
   Hebrews (174 mb)
 Romans (164 mb)
   James (67.6 mb)
 1 Corinthians (107 mb)
   1 Peter (60.8 mb)
 2 Corinthians (83.4 mb)
   2 Peter (55.1 mb)
 Galatians (83.3 mb)
   1 John (102 mb)
 Ephesians (125 mb)
   2 John (19.3 mb)
 Philippians (75.5 mb)
   3 John (15.3 mb)
 Colossians (48.2 mb)
   Jude (48.3 mb)
 1 Thessalonians (59.5 mb)
   Revelation (281 mb)
2 Thessalonians (25.8 mb)

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