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A Word from Gregg Harris | February 2024

January 31, 2024


Almost every day, Dr. McGee ends our study with, “May God richly bless you, my beloved.” We are learning now in our book study of the Song of Solomon just what “beloved” means: A beautiful picture of God’s love—His affection and His commitment to His own. Dr. McGee closed the study every day with this reminder that we are “God’s beloved.”

In the New Testament, the Greek word translated “beloved” is related to the word agape. You likely know that word describes God’s love. More than human affection, “beloved” encompasses an esteem for others that comes from recognizing their worth as children of God. It’s like saying, “You, my friends, you who are so dearly loved by God,” you are beloved.

I can’t think of a better way to describe the way we feel about you, our THRU the BIBLE family. You are dearly loved by God. You, my friends, are the beloved. Let’s together take that message to anyone in the world who will listen and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Grateful for your partnership in taking God’s whole Word to the whole world,

Gregg Harris
Gregg Harris
THRU the BIBLE, president