Praise and Prayer Needs

Please pray that North and South Koreans will receive the one and only true peace available to any of us: That which is found through faith in Jesus Christ.

Praise God that we recently began our third cycle of the Korean-TTB program! Remember in your prayers our Korean brethren who find comfort, strength, and hope in learning about God’s Word. May its truths be written on their hearts!

Pray for the Christians in many countries who are not able to meet together and depend on the radio broadcasts for encouragement and teaching from the Word.

Listener Testimonials

From Grace in Busan: I was born into a Christian family but I did not have faith and was ignorant of the delight of Christian fellowship. Not knowing much about the Lord, I thought that He was distant, and invisible to me. So it seemed as though He had never existed. Then I happened to listen to FEBC and heard “McGee’s Bible Study.” I was blessed and resolved to read the Bible and abide by God’s Word. Thank you.

From Miss Hong in Daegu:
I am a bride-to-be, but my fiancé does not believe in Jesus Christ and has a variety of excuses for not attending church. At my suggestion, he began to listen to FEBC and when he heard “McGee’s Bible Study” he suddenly asked me questions about the Bible and has become eager to learn about God’s Word. Surprised and excited, I am so thankful for the way “McGee’s Bible Study” offers explanations so that even non-believers can approach the Bible with ease. I will continue listening to it faithfully after my marriage.

From Kyeonggi, South Korea:
I am a regular listener to all FEBC programs and especially McGee’s Bible Study. Today, Reverend Kim said that just as a baby can grow by drinking milk, Christians have to eat the meat and milk of the Word. I have recently had a broken heart not unlike an abandoned baby who is without milk and ceases to grow. His comment has helped me to realize that I need to be constantly nourished by the milk of the Word so my faith can grow. I will try my best to listen to McGee’s Bible Study that opens the dark eyes of my soul.

From Incheon, South Korea:
How are you? Thank you very much for explaining the Bible in an interesting way. I have carefully listened to the precious words through McGee’s Bible Study. I have led a religious life by going to church but I have not taken enough time to study the Word privately. But thankfully I am now delighted to study God’s Word through McGee’s Bible Study. I ask you to continue good broadcasts.

From Pohang, South Korea:
I have always loved the Bible and recently bought and read a book explaining how to read through the Bible. Yet, I was still unsatisfied but now that I listen to McGee’s Bible Study, the Bible content has become clear and easy to understand. I will record the program and hear it again later. I think that I will better understand God’s Word thanks to McGee’s Bible Study. Thank you very much.

From Yeoungdong, South Korea:
How are you? I am a regular listener who is gradually warming a stone-cold faith through listening to FEBC. I attended church while raising my three boys but I could hardly hear a sermon because of my children. I haven’t always had a supply of spiritual communion so I was thirsty and felt like crying. But, now I am happy to have an opportunity to hear a sermon and study the Bible every day through FEBC. I will always listen to the programs with gratitude.

From Jeju, South Korea:
I have desired for a long time a teacher who could explain the Bible truths in a way that would be easy to understand. It was difficult for me to understand the biblical context when the minister preached a sermon in church. I have eagerly desired to hear the faithful teaching of the Word. One day by chance, I tuned to FEBC radio. I cannot express how wonderful it was to hear McGee’s Bible Study! Thanks so much.

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