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Listener Testimonials

From Lilian in Canada: Thank you for all your efforts offered to present the explanation of the Holy Bible. With these episodes I have become one who loves to read the Bible. I can’t leave it, also my spiritual life [is] always in thirst of more from the Holy Bible. I have one request, if you can send me a hard copy of a Bible as I am encouraging my husband to read it and he [made] a decision to do that.

Shereef’s story: Shereef is a viewer and Christian. For years his family has caused him to suffer because of his faith. Last year his mother forced him to be engaged as part of a plan to draw him away from his faith. But he shared his faith with his fiancée, and the surprise was that she agreed with him and accepted his situation!

Email from Rami in Egypt: Prayer is the key for solving our dilemmas; I depend on it now since all doors are closed to escape the persecution we live with every day. Thanks for your prayers, and thanks for sharing with us the truth from the Word of God; yes, truth frees us from fear and worry. Please don’t ignore Egypt in your prayers, pray that God will bring His will about in this beloved country. I am determined to continue to listen to TTB Arabic, and especially to the studies from the gospel of John. Don’t forget to pray for us so God will fill His peace in the area, because the war is rising. But God’s promise is true: “In this world you will have troubles, but take heart! I have overcome the world.” We are waiting for Him to fulfill His promises, for He is honest and just.

From Syria: I have come to believe that the Word of God is sweet, delicious, and living for me! Being close to it gives the feeling of security and peace even if chaos is all around. I cannot but thank God for making available a radio program like the Arabic TTB and people like you to help me – and I am sure many others – to know and live this truth.

From Saudi Arabia: I love TWR and I love the TTB program. I would like to get the Holy Bible; I cannot find it here in my country. I know I would sometimes need your help to understand what I’ll be reading, but I believe that I can depend on you to know and understand. I cannot thank you enough for TTB and how it is making me want to know more about Jesus and about His book.

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