Praise and Prayer Needs

In addition to the Ukrainian-TTB program, FEBC also produces a weekly talk show hosted by Sergey Nakul, who talks about the themes touched on in the TTB program each week.

Praise the Lord for our programs broadcast to Russia and the Ukraine while tensions continue. Pray that they will contribute toward reconciliation and peace.

Pray for believers in Central Asia who face persecution for believing in and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray as well that the governments of these countries would not increase restrictions on religious groups.

Listener Testimonials

From Ukraine: Thanks to my mom I became a Christian, she taught me to listen to the radio programs, and I am so thankful to her. With joy I am awaiting every evening to listen to you. God teaches me a lot through your programs. I cry a lot, pray, and get myself ready for eternity. I want to be with my son [who died in a house fire] – he was two years old. I am praying for you. Please pray for me, so that I can manage to do everything that God has planned for me. I cannot think of my life without you.

From Khmelnitsk, Ukraine:
I am your constant listener. 65 years old. Your programs come into my house and give joy. The Holy Spirit is changing my heart. I am living alone in the house, in my village there are no other believers, all have died. I am copying your program schedules and hand them out in our village. Sometimes I am going with my radio receiver to my neighbors and listen to the programs with them. Thank you for spreading the Good News!

From Zakarpatye, Ukraine:
I am rejoicing over the fact that you have consecrated your lives to a ministry for the Lord in bringing the Good News to people that are in darkness. At the same time your programs are an encouragement for those who are walking with the Lord already. To me they are a spiritual encouragement, because I see how through TWR the Lord is taking care of me.

From Khmelnitsk, Ukraine:
Thank you for your kindness that you are bringing to people and to me. During the Soviet times I studied journalism at the Kiev University and after my graduation I worked a lot in a newspaper that used to be a voice of the Party. With my work I brought much harm to people and to my own soul. I regret a lot that in my youth I did not set right goals and priorities, but just was getting rich on ways of lewdness. Today I am a believer. I am sending you a small donation towards your ministry.

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  • Producer: Vitalyi Kozubovsky
  • Launched: 1992
  • Target Area: Ukraine
  • Mediums: MW radio, Internet 
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