Watch the testimony of Pastor Takashi, whose prayers in Japan were answered in the form of Thru the Bible broadcasts in ... Mongolia!

Praise and Prayer Needs

TTB-Mongolian went on the air in May 2014--praise God! We need you to pray for this exciting new ministry! Part of the reason it has taken over two years to get the project launched is that there has been significant spiritual opposition. While we are thrilled that the project is on the air, we ask you to pray that:

Many people with little Christian experience and knowledge of the Word will grow deeper in their relationship with Christ.

The production team will be led of God to find ways to help people understand and apply the Word of God in a formerly communistic and atheistic culture.

God will give Bat and the production team victory over spiritual opposition. They have been confronted by big challenges: family issues, sicknesses, deaths, as well as opposition from local shamans.

Pray for the church leaders in Mongolia, as they are reaping a great harvest.

Many new Christians in Mongolia face temptations to return to old ways of life. Pray that our broadcasts will help them resist temptation and lead holy lives.

Pray for the difficult economic situation of potential listeners in Mongolia. Many are poor and nomadic, and devastating natural disasters in recent years have further impoverished the population – especially animal herders.

Listener Testimonials

We don’t have any listener testimonies to share right now, but we’re working on it! Please check back.

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  • Producer: Batjargal "Bat" Tuvshintsengel
  • Launched: 2011
  • Target Area: Mongolia
  • Mediums: FM radio, Internet
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