Praise and Prayer Needs

This production went online on January 6, 2020, making Slovak one of our newest TTB languages. Pray that listenership grows as people are transformed by studying God's Word and then tell others about it.

The FM network we hoped to place the program on fell through, and we are looking for another outlet(s). Pray these efforts are fruitful and we secure a radio outlet soon.

​Pray for efforts underway to begin using social media to promote the program and engage ​our internet listeners.

Listener Testimonials

From Slovakia: Hello, my name is Jan and I would like to tell you that I am very encouraged by these messages. They are very deep and inspirational. I keep on thinking about what I hear and it helps me to understand the Bible in a way I did not before. I consider this kind exposition of the Bible as very valuable and I miss it at my church. Actually, I am so deeply touched by it that recently I recommended the programs to a friend of mine, who became a believer but has no access to a local church in his area. He really appreciated me making him aware of it and also started to listen to the programs online.

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  • Producer: Peter Kolárovský
  • Launched: 2019
  • Target Area: Slovakia
  • Mediums: Internet