​German (Low)

Praise and Prayer Needs

The German (Low) program is aired in closed Mennonite communities where people could be persecuted if they are caught listening to the programs. Pray for courage and opportunities to continue listening and also for the safety of those who are listening.

John Banman, a missionary with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada, works very closely with TWR-Bolivia in their outreach to the Mennonite colonies in Bolivia. In a recent newsletter he reported: “Solar powered mega voice players [are] one more tool we used, which has the whole New Testament, Psalms, Proverbs and 89 programs of Thru the Bible broadcast [in Low German] loaded on it. This is an ideal tool for young Christians to use to listen to as families, or in small groups, using the player as a Bible study leader. Thanks to the church, and some individual donors, that have paid for this project.” Please pray for these listeners and thank God for His provision. It is very common for Bolivian believers to report that they came to a saving knowledge of Christ through listening on a solar radio.

Please pray for our many listeners throughout Latin America, that the program would be an effective tool in reaching them.

Listener Testimonials

In many parts of the world illiteracy, lack of access to forms of communication, exorbitant postage costs, or even cultures hostile to Christianity prevent listeners from contacting us. In those cases we receive little to no direct feedback from listeners. Please pray especially for the production and outreach teams working on these languages, as it can be very discouraging to not receive communication in response to your hard work. Pray that God would grant them assurance in their hearts that their work for Him is not in vain. Pray also for the listeners, that they would be ministered to by the Holy Spirit in a life-changing way despite not being able to connect with us personally.

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  • Producer: Elmer Reimer (deceased)
  • Launched: 2003
  • Target Area: Bolivia, Paraguay, Mexico, Germany, Canada
  • Mediums: FM radio, AM radio
  • Related Links: none at this time
  • Note: The German (Low) language is also known as "Plautdietsch."

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