​​Middle East & North Africa

Praise and Prayer Needs for Middle East & North Africa

We recently received word that the Joshua Fund will continue sponsoring the TTB-Arabic radio broadcasts on five local stations in the Middle East for another six months. Praise God for His provision!

Praise God that our Kurdish producer has been trained and has begun producing programs for this new TTB language outreach. Pray for the safety of the producer, who lives in northern Iraq, and for God’s blessing as he produces 6 months’ worth of programs before we go on air.

Pray for Christians meeting secretly in the Persian-speaking world. Pray for strength, wisdom, and boldness in their difficult circumstances. For those who are seeking God, pray that He would lead them to a believer or our Persian radio broadcast so that they can learn about His Word and believe in Christ for salvation.

Pray for peace and political stability throughout the Middle East and North Africa so that the gospel may continue to be aired without disruption. Pray also that governments in this region of the world would endorse complete religious freedom. Believers in countries where those freedoms currently are not available are also in need of our prayers for protection and courage.


Region Highlights

  • Our first production aimed at this region was Arabic, which started in 1983.

  • The lack of religious freedom in this region prevents church planting and the open distribution of Bibles and Christian resources, making radio broadcasting an ideal method of evangelism.

  • Most of Africa’s unreached are Muslim, many of them practicing an African brand of folk Islam.

  • The countries targeted by TTB-Arabic programming have a combined population of about 365 million, 95% of whom are Muslim.

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