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Praise and Prayer Needs

Praise God for a great report from TWR-Europe about a recent baptismal service at a church in the Netherlands. One of the people who got baptized, a man named John, gave his testimony. He told the congregation that one of the things that brought him to faith was the fact that he was listening every day to the Dutch-TTB broadcasts, De Bijbel Door. Pray for John and the countless saints around the world who can also say that listening to TTB played a part in their coming to faith in Christ. May many more hear the gospel of grace and believe!

There are several home groups in the Netherlands that use the Dutch TTB programs (on USB sticks) for their Bible studies. Pray for these folks and also that even more people will be touched by the Dutch TTB program.

Listener Testimonials

From the Netherlands: Our Bible group uses your scripts whilst studying the Book of Acts. Isn’t this great? Our pastor found the explanation so good, that everyone received a copy of it. TWR is also being used in churches. Many blessings for your program.
From the Netherlands:
I am so glad that you explain Gods’ Word in this way. I often listen to your program in the car and at my work, when I do nightshifts. Truly a light in the night. God is good!

From the Netherlands:
I would like to show my appreciation for your broadcasts on. In my daily life I am a truck driver, and since a year ago, my radio is always tuned to Groot Nieuws Radio. Especially [TTB] is a real blessing and inspiration to start the day with. My appreciation goes especially to Cor Weeda and his team of workers who present the program. God’s Word makes it clear to us what is good for us, and it is interpreted in a clear, loving and honest way. I hope to be able to listen to the program for a long time still, to learn and to be encouraged. God Bless your work.

Our Dutch production team reported:
I was asked to contact a refugee family from Armenia. These people were eager and hungry for the Word of God. I showed them the TWR site. Now they listen together with their neighbors and others to TTB in the Armenian language and Russian (their second language). I hope and pray that somehow this will spread like oil. They are very enthusiastic.

From the Netherlands:
Thank you for your dedication so that I can listen to this Bible study every day. In the morning when I drive to work I listen to the program in the car, and sometimes I even wait in the car and listen before I go into my office, because there is something I’m particularly interested in, so I stay and listen. I’ve known Jesus Christ for years thankfully, and my relationship with the One who loves me so has only become more intense. You can never hear enough about God’s Word, and the approach that this study has is sometimes surprising. Your love for Jesus Christ is tangible through the radio. May God bless you and thank you for the time and effort you have taken, even though it may cost you.

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  • Producer: Cor Weeda
  • Launched: 2008
  • Target Area: Netherlands; Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles
  • Mediums: MW radio, FM radio, AM radio, Internet
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