Praise and Prayer Needs

Pray for the producer and team working on this brand new production, that they would have the Lord's favor and blessing over the translation, recording, and broadcasting. 

Praise God for the 20 people who called the radio station after the first airing to tell them what a blessing it was to hear ​the Word of God taught in their own heart language.

Listener Testimonials

From the pastor ​of the church operating one of the radio stations airing the program: "I thank God who has enabled us to start this historical program that has already transformed lives on its first day. Today, 4th May, 2020, over 20 people called in before and after the program thanking Glory-FM 106.7 for thinking about them in regard to teaching them MANYA BEIBULI YAWE [Thru the Bible in Runyakitara]. They are grateful and have promised to tell about the program to all their networks. Some other callers were thanking pastor Frank for bringing them such a wonderful service. We did not have enough time to receive every one."

  • Producer: Frank Tweheyo
  • Launched: 2020
  • Target Area: Western Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Medium: FM radio