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It’s a privilege to partner and pray together

December 26, 2022

Today on the Bible Bus, Gregg and Steve talked about the great things happening with God’s Word in the language of Runyakitara. Let’s continue that celebration with a few more stories from our fellow Bible Bus passengers in Uganda.

George shared: “I started listening to this program during last year’s lockdown. I knew it was sent by God considering that places of worship were closed. Through it have continued to study and understand the Word of God deeply. The journey of the children of Israel has taught me a lot about disobedience and how I can delay God’s blessings in my life. I appreciate you are not of a particular denomination, and believers and non-believers, educated and uneducated, are all learning the Word side by side.”

Percy says: “Many thanks for going deeper in the Word and moving book by book. This has helped me to understand and love God more. I am a growing evangelist, and this program came at a time when I really needed it. Whenever I am not home I use my phone to listen or record when I am busy and listen in my own time. Your study of Ruth has changed my salvation journey. I appreciate all the sponsors of this program for the work they are doing, and I wish and pray for all people to wake up and discover the beauty of this program like I have.”

Keep praying, team. God is doing wonderful things through His Word in Uganda. It’s a privilege to partner with you in prayer as we watch Him work.

Meet us tomorrow in Côte d'Ivoire.