Praise and Prayer Needs

Please pray for God’s ongoing protection and strength for TWR’s Indonesian staff during the country’s current challenging spiritual climate.

Pray for all those who participate in home listening groups, where friends and neighbors meet in homes to listen to TTB and study the Word of God together. Pray that their faith would be strengthened, their knowledge deepened, and their spirits nourished by the fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ.

Listener Testimonials

From Indonesia: Madurese TTB taught me not to rely on our own strength and we must only depend on the Lord.

From Indonesia:
I thank the Lord that up to this time my family and I can listen to Madurese TTB. We are being blessed by the Word of God and we get to know it better and we also learn to do it in daily life.

From Indonesia:
I praise the Lord if until today He still gives me an opportunity to listen God’s Word in Madurese. It blessed me a lot, because the program helps me to learn to rely on the Lord Jesus, because He is the only source of power of my life.

From Indonesia:
I was blessed a lot by the explanation of God’s Word about praying for our enemies because as human being it is difficult to pray for the ones who hurt our feelings, but by the power of Holy Spirit, I learn to pray for them.

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  • Producer: Nur Wadik
  • Launched: 2002
  • Target Area: Indonesia (Madura Island)
  • Mediums: SW radio, Internet
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