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“I want that,” says a new sister in Indonesia

July 24, 2019

“Thru the Bible in Madurese blesses me,” writes one of your sisters in Christ in Indonesia.

I am learning the words of God and how to be a Christian who is not proud and arrogant. God’s Word today talks about how to be salt and light for the world. I want to do that! Previously I tried to listen to Thru the Bible in Indonesian, but my understanding of that language is limited. Now that I found the Madurese program I can understand much better how to live in line with the intention of God. Here is what I am learning:

  • From the words of God I am learning to love my enemy and not repay anyone evil for evil.
  • Today I learned a lesson on how ‘mantra’ is the way of the devil to encourage people not to believe and worship God. [Mantra is a Buddhist or Hindi practice of repeating a word or a sound in meditation.]
  • I have also learned that Jesus came to the world so people could have abundant life. I want that, too!”

Her excitement is contagious, isn’t it?! Pray for new believers like this sister to have courage as they hear truth that runs contrary to cultural practices. A new life in Jesus means putting aside old rituals. Pray for new faith to be well-grounded!

Tomorrow we’re praying in Vietnam, where we’ll meet a father whose family has walked away from the Lord. See you then.