Praise and Prayer Needs

Thank God for the hundreds of thousands of testimonies, news of baptisms, conversions, and evidences of His boundless grace as a result of listening to TTB-Polish.

Pray for more supplies of Polish Bibles so that the outreach teams can better evangelize to the next generation of Polish believers.

Pray that listeners would be diligent in continuing to listen and study the Word along with TTB, as it is the only evangelistic radio series available in the Polish language.

Many of our listeners in Central Europe are facing instability and financial hardship in their circumstances. Ask the Lord to use the TTB broadcasts to deepen their trust in God.

Many of the countries of Central Europe suffered for decades under Communist rule. While increasing levels of freedom have come to many people in this part of Europe, many of these countries have a long road of recovery ahead of them as they continue to face the devastating effects of atheistic Communism. Pray for open ears and minds and that the Holy Spirit would soften hearts to accept God’s gift of salvation through grace.

Listener Testimonials

From a prisoner in western Poland: Warm greetings. I became a Christian in 2003. I was fascinated by Christians and their lifestyle. I had been a difficult child and caused lots of problems for my parents and teachers. I became addicted to drugs and had to go through the drying out treatment. It turned out that my therapist was a Christian. She helped me towards the Lord Jesus and I became a believer. My great adventure with Jesus begun at that point. Not long ago I was baptized here in prison. I am happy to be able to follow Jesus. When I am released I will surely keep in touch with believers. Thank you for corresponding with me.

From southern Poland:
I want to tell you that I am happy to be where I am, and that is in prison. All good things in my life began right here: I became a Christian, God gave me wonderful friends like you, He made it possible to regain contacts with my family. Recently I received a letter from my sister. The Lord is granting my prayers and makes it possible for me to start making up for bad things I had done and for broken relationships. I know that He holds everything in His hand. Amen!

From a prisoner in southern Poland:
Warm greetings for all the radio team. Many thanks for your letter, for the book, for stamps and envelopes. I love reading. People here are not friendly to me. They consider me a chick. I don’t play cards with them and openly declare I am a Christian. I want to leave from here and be a different person out there. I love my family and I painfully miss them. I can see that the Lord is changing me.

From northern Poland:
Many warm thanks for your letters. They are for me like a sound of hope. I thank God for you, who are wonderful people! I surrendered to Jesus and invited Him to my life. Have tasted His love and want to share it with other people. I still have many problems and doubts, but I know that Jesus is with me and He gives me strength.

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  • Producer: Marek Cieslar
  • Launched: 1983
  • Target Area: Poland
  • Mediums: MW radio, Internet
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