Praise and Prayer Needs

Pray that studying the whole Word of God along with the TTB-Finnish program will energize congregations and churches in Finland, sparking a revival of true love for our God and His Word.

Listener Testimonials

Since our goal is to take Dr. McGee’s teaching of the whole Word to the whole world, we seek every opportunity to expand the ministry while being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us. While we normally provide the financial support for our foreign language ministries, from time to time we work with individuals or organizations that translate and distribute our 5-year radio program without cost to Thru the Bible. In such cases, we provide materials and training and ask the producers to faithfully adhere to the content we provide.

It is exciting to find other ministries who want to produce and broadcast Thru the Bible in their language without requesting support. We are grateful when our ministry partners do so much work to expand TTB and ask so little from us, and we do not want to burden them with the additional work of producing monthly reports. For this reason, we often don’t receive as much feedback from our unsponsored language productions. We are actively pursuing ways to learn about the impact of the ministry without unduly burdening our partners.

Please pray for this outreach and ask God to bless our partners who love TTB so much that they support the ministry to their own people.

  • Producer: Jukka Norvanto
  • Launched: 1997
  • Target Area: Finland
  • Mediums: FM radio
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