Praise and Prayer Needs

Praise the Lord for the successful end of the second and start of the third TTB cycle in the Serbian language.

Pray that God will continue to provide necessary funds in a time of economic crisis in order to continue the TTB program in the Serbian language to reach people in the Balkans.

Please pray that the program will reach new listeners as well as open the hearts of existing listeners for regular and systematic Bible study. Pray that the lives of listeners will be changed and that they will deepen their commitment to Christ and His church.

Pray for more and better quality responses from listeners who usually send short comments or requests without giving very much background information about themselves.

Please pray for a technical solution for transferring the TTB scripts from the old local program code for Serbian Cyrillic script into Unicode, so that the Cyrillic text can be viewed on more modern computer operating systems.

Listener Testimonials

From a listener in Stapar, Serbia, who has for three years listened to TTB at his friend’s home since his MW radio “passed away”: Dear brothers and sisters Christians, it is a real blessing for me to have again MW radio at my home, so I do not need anymore to go to my neighbor to listen to TTB and Branko’s voice [Serbian TTB speaker]. The color of his voice really bring peace that what he speaks is God’s Word. In my church we do not have a professional preacher and listening to our lay preacher and Branko’s voice while he reads TTB is incompatible. Listening to TTB I receive peace.

From Croatia:
I wish you a blessed 2012 in the hope that the word of hope - the Bible - will be part of our life in 2012. I hope that the TTB program will be a blessing to many and that many will by the TTB study decide to live according to what is preached on the radio program.

From Temerin, Serbia:
I would just like to tell you that I am still listening regularly to TTB. Thank you for helping me to better understand His Word. I would like to thank you once more that some time ago you have sent to me a Bible, that precious book.

From Kelebija, Serbia:
The listening to TTB in Serbian is a revelation for me. Thanks to God that I have found you on radio. My wife listens now to Hungarian TTB as she is fluent in Hungarian.

From Serbia:
It is winter; snow is high so I cannot go down to town anymore. Besides the snow problem, was that I got a little bull. So it cannot live now in winter the whole day alone in the stable with his mother and another cow. My first neighbor is 3.5 kms away but they are old and I cannot count on them that they would come in the snow to visit once or twice while I am in Dimitrovgrad. But the fact that I am at home gives to me more time to study God’s Word and listen to the radio in the evening. I am listening now to the Bulgarian, Croatian, and Serbian programs.

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  • Producer: Branko Bjelajak
  • Launched: 2001
  • Target Area: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Mediums: MW radio, Internet
  • Related Links: TWR-Serbian

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