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Praying through Bosnia and Herzegovina

February 13, 2024

Welcome to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today as we travel on our knees we stop and meet with Silvija who shares what God’s Word means to her:

“It’s difficult to be a Christian among the Muslim majority. That is why I need to be constantly in prayer and close to God—to receive encouragement and strength from Him. You are my spiritual goodness. I hear God’s voice when you teach. I realize that His hand is on me and on my family. Through listening, I love the Bible even more. I realize how much treasure is in it. The Word calms every storm of sorrow in my heart. The Word heals wounds and gives me the strength to forgive. The Word is the love that people need today, more than ever before. Thank you for helping me read it, understand it, and live it.”

Today as we pray for more people in Bosnia and Herzegovina to hop aboard the Bible Bus, tell Him what His Word means to you. Praise Him for the ways He’s using what we’re learning in Your life and pray He gives you the strength to share it with others.

“God’s Word is good at any age.” That’s what we hear from a listener in Greece. More of his story tomorrow on World Prayer Today.

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