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A heavenly taste

December 13, 2023

In a country where culture and religion continue to divide people, Bible-believing Christians in Bosnia and Herzegovina are often viewed with suspicion. Today as our journey of prayer and praise continues, let’s celebrate this email from a listener named Edin:

“When I first encountered your teaching, I did not have high expectations. It was just a way to pass the time while living my daily life and facing all the challenges and joys that come with it. However, the more I listened, the program surprised me and inspired me.

“As you talked about recognizing someone's heart by the way they live, I was deeply touched and began to think. I realized that our actions and lifestyle reveal what truly motivates us.

“Through studying the Gospel of John, it became clear to me that when we come to Jesus and believe in Him, it completely changes our lives. If it doesn't change the way we think and act, then maybe we don't really believe in Him. It's like stepping into a new world. When we meet Jesus, our life takes on a whole new dimension—something like a heavenly taste that appears in our hearts.

“I now want to love what Jesus Himself loves. I want His love to shape my actions and bring light into my life. The program motivated me to realize that I don't want to live only for the transient things of this world, but to strive for eternal values and closeness to God.

“Listening to the teaching on the Gospel according to John, I learned that faith is a living and effective force that should be manifested in our daily actions. I realized that it is important not only to listen to the words but also to live them. After listening, I realized that encounters with Jesus often happen in everyday moments, through people and through our relationships with others.

“I pray that we can all live in harmony with His love and light, and that our lives can be a testimony of His presence. May God's love fill you and guide you on your way.”

“A heavenly taste.” Isn’t that great? God is absolutely at work through His Word. Today as we thank Him for the clarity He’s given Edin, thank Him for the ways He’s teaching each of us on the Bible Bus to love what Jesus loves. Each day as we draw closer to Him, may that taste for heaven become so appealing that nothing else satisfies.

Our party of praise continue tomorrow in Algeria. We’ll meet you there.

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