Praise and Prayer Needs

Please pray that God would both guide and provide as we consider additional ministry opportunities to the people of Africa. There is a great need for sound Bible instruction. If it’s in God’s will to increase TTB’s African ministry, we want to be obedient and faithful in doing so!

Listener Testimonials

From Bujumbura, Burundi: This program is very helpful and I like it very much. Please pray for me, I have a very big burden.

From Burundi:
I greet you in the name of Jesus. Your program is very deep and it helps me very much. I am a saved Christian but my behavior is not very satisfactory. So please pray for me, I want to be saved properly.

From Burundi:
Good evening in the name of Jesus. I like the Bible teaching that you give in this program. Please pray for me, I want to get completely separated from my bad habits of stealing, coveting and fornication.

From Ngozi, Burundi:
I like this program, but I request your prayers for my sicknesses and bad daily life. I trust God will answer your prayers.

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  • Producer: Eliud Mbazumutima
  • Launched: 2001
  • Target Area: Burundi
  • Mediums: SW radio, Internet
  • Related Links: TWR-Africa

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