Dutch--Vlaams (​Flemish)

Praise and Prayer Needs

Praise God! Our new Flemish program had its first broadcast on ​January 2, 2017.

Our producer writes, "Theoretically, Belgium is a Christian (Catholic) country. However, the very negative ‘Christian history’ (abuse within the church) caused most people to throw away the baby with the bathwater. Today Christianity is mostly just a tradition. Very few people know the gospel, or have a relationship with Jesus. Belgium is also a very liberal nation. God’s instructions for people are seen as unloving and old fashioned. People who go to church in Belgium are often considered strange. TTB gives curious people the chance to hear God’s Word without having to go to church. The desire to be part of His church will follow automatically once they know the importance of the church as the Bride of Christ.  Our country really needs a Saviour. TTB in Flemish gives us the opportunity to reach half of our country. The other half is French speaking."

Listener Testimonials

This is a brand new production and has not begun airing, so we don’t have any listener testimonies to share yet. But as soon as we do, we will rejoice in sharing them with you! Please check back.

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Flemish_Patrick Couchement
  • Producer: Patrick Couchement
  • Launched: 2016
  • Target Area: Belgium
  • Mediums: Radio
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