Praise and Prayer Needs

TWR’s French partner reports that several people contacted them recently with encouraging feedback. Some have asked for Bibles and others have asked for recordings of the TTB programs. Please pray for those who listen to the French TTB broadcast to come to know Christ and/or grow in their faith.

Listener Testimonials

From France: I have recently been listening to the broadcasts with great interest. I started with Genesis and I am very fascinated by the content of the Scriptures. Thank you very much for making this study available. It is a blessing to me.

Request made by email:
Jean-Pierre, with his wife Deborah are missionaries in Guinea. Their primary activity is the Directorate of a Primary School of the Assemblies of God in Conakry but they are also involved in spiritual activity among children and street kids. They want to share the programs on mp3 with the young people, converted or not. Since the speed of their internet site is very weak and unstable, they have asked if the programs could be sent to them as MP3 files on DVD.

Telephone call:
A Roman Catholic who discovered the website “by chance” phoned to encourage us. He is telling his friends about the program.

Our producer reports:
One woman contacted her local radio station and asked for a Bible, saying that she used to be an atheist but that after listening to TTB she wishes to read the Bible.

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  • Producer: ​Jacques Iosti
  • Launched: 1982
  • Target Area: France, Belgium
  • Mediums: FM radio, Internet
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