Praise and Prayer Needs

Pray for the hundreds of home listening groups meeting across India to listen to TTB together.

Several of our Indian producers, their spouses, children, or production team members are suffering from serious or chronic health problems. Please pray that it would be the will of our Great Physician for them to be healed, and in the cases where that is not possible pray for strength, perseverance, and comfort – both physical and spiritual – in their suffering.

Alcohol abuse is a common problem in many parts of India. Pray that believers would come under personal conviction of this sin and turn their backs on it. Among those who are unsaved, pray that they will turn to faith in God, who is the only one who can provide the peace and comfort they seek.

Listener Testimonials

From Karnataka: [TTB-Kannada] helps me understand the books of the Bible and study them. I am so happy that the program comes in Kannada. I realize that it is a bit difficult to understand the Word of God just by reading it. But your broadcasts make it simple for us to understand. It clarifies our doubts and helps us understand God’s teachings. Thank you.

From Karnataka:
I happen to be the only believer in my family. It was only by the Grace of God that I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Since then I have given up idol worship. I no longer want to indulge in any of those meaningless rituals. However, I have no freedom to go to church as everyone here opposes my faith. Besides, I am unable to read the Word of God. Hence I depend on your broadcasts to satisfy my spiritual hunger. I lock my room and listen to the broadcasts and pray with the preacher on the radio. It helps me feel spiritually strengthened. The program is definitely a blessing to my life.

From Karnataka:
Having listened to your broadcast for the past few years, the study of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation has molded me and shaped me spiritually. Your program is my spiritual guide and mentor. It helps me share the Word of God in the women’s meeting at my church. Today I am spiritually strong and blessed by listening to the Word of God on your broadcasts. I now have a desire to walk in the light of His Word. I thank God for your broadcasts.

From Karnataka:
I am studying in high school and every day I listen to your program without fail. The Word of God that you broadcast helps me examine my life and walk in the fear of God. Thank you for teaching us that the Kingdom of God is very near and that I need to prepare myself and get ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ. [TTB] draws me closer to God; it is my guide and teacher of the Bible.

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  • Producer: Swathantra Kumar
  • Launched: 1986
  • Target Area: India (Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu)
  • Mediums: MW radio, Internet
  • Related Links: TWR-India, TWR-Asia

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