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God’s Word is finding favor in unlikely places

May 14, 2021

God’s Word is spreading in unlikely places … and His people are finding favor.

Today our travels bring us to the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, where more than 90% of the population is Hindu and only 1% follow Jesus Christ.

As we make our way through larger cities and small villages, we meet up with a listener of THRU the BIBLE’s Kannada language broadcasts. He eagerly shares his story:

“I came to know Jesus Christ through your program. My wife and I have listened to your programs for 25 years. During my free time in the evenings, I go out and share the gospel and distribute tracts and literature.

“It is unusual, but our small village has a church. Nearly 30-40 people come to listen to your program and worship. We used to meet in a small home, but over the years we have developed a good relationship with our village political leaders, and so they allowed (and many helped) us to build a small church. We praise God for this place to worship Him and pray more people will come through the doors each time we meet.”

On average, there is one trained pastor for every six congregations in Andhra Pradesh. Today thank God for this man and his fellow brothers and sisters who are taking the responsibility upon themselves to share God’s love and His Word with their neighbors. Through their efforts may everyone in their villages come to hear the name of Jesus Christ and choose to accept His grace and mercy in their lives.

We’ve got a lot to pray about next week in the Middle East. Come ready to see how God is working.

Listen here to TTB-Kannada.