Praise and Prayer Needs

Our TTB-Somali producer requests prayer for peace in Somalia. He’s also concerned about the plight of those who are migrating to Europe, writing: “I am reading news about Somalis released in Amsterdam freely with nobody to help them. For sure those Somalis didn’t leave their country because of hunger; they left because there was no peace. Let us pray that the Lord will intervene and that all Somalis can return back to Somalia soon. The future of Somalia [needs] to get meek and humble leaders who follow the Prince of Peace and the Creator of Heaven and Earth.”
Please pray for those involved in our ministries in Nigeria and Kenya, as well as the local churches there that have increasingly come under attack by local Muslim extremists.

The UN is reporting that “up to 2,000 Somali refugees cross into Ethiopia each day. Thousands also seek refuge in neighboring Kenya.” Aid agencies are appealing for tens of millions of dollars in emergency funding to fight a drought that has created a triangle of hunger where the borders of Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia meet. Please remember this situation in your prayers – that the TTB programs in Swahili, Amharic, Oromo, and Somali will bring a message of hope to those who are suffering so much during this terrible drought and famine

Listener Testimonials

From Somalia: I am working round the clock to encourage them to run their day to day Church activities and TWR has been their only partners. Please pray for more help to organize Christian communities in southern, seaside town of Kismayu. They may not need more help from now if situation cools off and the UN in Somalia are very serious of late. They have a political “ROADMAP” in which a new constitution will be adopted in the next few weeks, and communities like our friends are in the forefronts in these activities of restoring peace and orders. They told me that they would like Radios, clothing, and rehabilitation programs as very many of them would like to go back to their farmlands. Once we stand with them and solicit some funds for their rehabilitation programs, they will be permanent partners on Christ’s Church in their localities. It is also instrumental to TWR involvement of Somali Church and it is a good principle that the locals to reach themselves. The Somali Church needs some relief today, so they organize themselves better in the New Somalia. They will be our representatives in the Southern Town of Kismayu and locate the lost members through them.

Kakuma is a town is located in the northwestern region of Kenya. The town has hosted the Kakuma Refugee Camp since 1992. This camp serves over 70,000 refugees who fled wars in neighboring countries. A majority are from southern Sudan, some from Somalia and the last major group from Ethiopia. This letter was sent to our producer by a pastor working within the refugee camp.:
The fellowship and the pastoral work continues smoothly. The security is very good and the refugees in Kakuma have no security threats – they aren’t like Dadaab or Kismayu area. We don’t have organizations committing themselves to help us last year, please pray that there may be some Christian organizations who will help us train the fellowship about computers and other electronic gadgets so our communication becomes very effective. I don’t have experienced, trained staff on computers and other technical aspects to sharpen our reach locally and regionally. We also have other refugees in Tanzania who will eventually help us with the breaching and the mission work. Training is very important.

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