​S​panish (Castilian)

Praise and Prayer Needs

Pray that listeners would recognize that God’s Word is the one and only Truth worth embracing.

In Spain it’s common to dabble in occult practices. Pray that believers would turn their backs on such practices, immerse themselves in the Word of God, and share its message of saving grace with others.

Pray for the follow-up team as they respond to and interact with listeners to the program. Pray God will grant them wisdom and compassion.

Listener Testimonials

From Barcelona, Spain: I wish to thank you for sending me the letter in October. I’m a widow and sadly suffer very much from arthritis. The Word of God comforts me but too many times I’m pessimistic because possibly in the near future I will end up in a wheelchair. I’m not afraid of dying because I will be much better off than my daily pain. May God bless your ministry and I wish you all that 2012 may shower blessings upon each one, for the salvation of many souls.

From Torre del Mar, Spain:
I have been listening to your program on this station since only a few days ago. I have to admit that it has made a great impact on me. I’m so moved by it that I even dared to phone you. I have never done so. Could I ask for the Gospel of Saint John you announced, please? I have never read it and would love to do it for the first time. Thank you for this good work.

Vizcaya, Spain:
I have been listening to your program only for one week, every midnight, and like it very much. I think that it is interesting, different and like the explanations, sound reasonable and balanced, very good. I have heard also at the end of the program that you offer a DVD about Jesus and a book about the value of living. Is it really free of charge? I can hardly believe it as in the times we are living nothing is for free. It’s hard to grasp that you are giving it without asking anything in turn. Why? I have to admit I’m not a religious person. But thank you for your attention. It’s uplifting to find people so generous, thanks!

From Barcelona, Spain:
I have listened to your program and I like it so much that I try not to miss even one. The lessons have taught me so much already. I like the music pieces and the soothing voice of pastor Virgilio Vangioni. I’m the only believer in my family. My wife and children aren’t. I hope to win them for Christ one day. I wish that together as a family we can watch the Jesus film you offer. So, thank you for this possibility. I wish so strongly that my family may be converted. Please, help me to pray for this important issue.

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  • Producer: Virgilio Vangioni (deceased)
  • Launched: 2003
  • Target Area: Spanish, United States
  • Mediums: FM radio, Internet
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