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Praying where Sunni Islam has a stronghold

August 02, 2021

Connected to the glittering and glamorous city of Surabaya by Indonesia’s longest bridge, the Island of Madura has retained much of its original charm and traditions.

As we stop and we taste the mouth-watering dish of Sate Madura (chicken or mutton skewers with a dark sauce) and attend the thrilling bull races known as Karapan Sapi, we meet with a fellow listener. More than 99% of the Madura follow Sunni Islam, and many include magic and spells in their practice. That’s why it was a surprise to him when he heard THRU the BIBLE in his language of Madurese. Here’s his story:

“As you spoke, it was as if I was paralyzed. I couldn’t move, my heart was captivated. I listened again and then again. Through your teaching, I learned that grace is only found in the Lord Jesus Christ. The story of His sacrifice on the cross for my sins made me give up my previous religion. It changed everything. I am humbled to know Jesus loves us despite our deficiencies and weaknesses. I now continually strive to be close to Him.”

Pray today for more hearts of the Madurese people to be captivated by God’s Word heard on THRU the BIBLE. May the news that God loves them rock their worlds.

Myanmar has been in the news and in our hearts. Join us there tomorrow as we pray.

Listen here to TTB-Madurese and TTB-Sundanese.