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From confusion to clarity

April 26, 2022

God is answering our prayers in Bolivia. Read this great story from a new listener named Zenon and be uplifted:

“Dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, ten months ago I began listening with you. This program helped me a great deal in my personal life, especially in the spiritual area where I experienced much confusion. I am no longer unsure of many things and have even begun sharing the gospel with others. I am grateful for the great effort you put forth in spreading God’s wonderful message to the whole world. I want to encourage listeners to continue listening to the Holy Word of our all-powerful God, because He has a promise for us and He will fulfill it.”

More than 93% of Bolivian people identify themselves as Christian, but many mix their beliefs with traditional Inca and Christo-pagan religions. Today, praise God for the truth of His Word that reaches across Bolivia. Ask the Lord to bring clarity to Bolivians like Zenon so they can find freedom from false beliefs and joy in walking with the Lord each day.

We’re praying Isaiah 3:10 in Argentina tomorrow. Don’t miss it!

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