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Praying for God’s Word to reach young people in Germany

October 29, 2021

Our adventure through western Europe concludes today as we pray our way through big cities, romantic river valleys, and the alps of Germany.

While on previous visits we’ve learned that very few Germans attend church regularly and even fewer profess Jesus as their Lord and Savior, we rejoice in the many responses we receive from those joining us on the Bible Bus—like this one from a listener named Noah.

“I’m twelve years old and listen to your programs regularly. Thru the Bible is my favorite program. I always find something I didn’t know and therefore study the passage more intensively. Please pass along my big thumbs up to your producer, Mr. Woytschak. His German translation of the English version is great. I always ask God to bless him and you.

What a smart young man! Pray for THRU the BIBLE programs in German to reach more young people like Noah. Pray, too, for those listening to our programs in Low German, which reach the closed Mennonite communities in Germany and throughout western Europe.

Pack your bags, next week we journey through the Middle East. Meet us on Monday in Yemen.

Listen here to TTB-German.