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A teenager in Mongolia chooses to trust in God

April 13, 2021

Trust in Him at all times, you people;pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us. -Psalm 62:8

“The Bible is helping me grow closer to God and to my parents.”

That’s what we recently heard from Nomin, a 15-year-old in Mongolia. Here’s more of her story:

“My father lives in Europe and provides for his family here in Mongolia. My mother works in a mining company in the countryside. We use Facebook video call and chat apps to keep in touch with each other, but I’m often lonely.

“Last Christmas my mother gave me a radio device. I have been following your program for three months. I have learned a lot about the Bible and a relationship with God.

“Before, I disliked my mother and her job because she is always away. As I have learned more about the Bible, I know my heart is changing. I have learned to trust God and tell Him of my sorrows. I do not feel as alone anymore. Now I make an effort to understand my mom better, and I tell her what I’ve heard and learned by listening to this program. We are more at peace when we are together and also when we are apart. Please pray for me and my family.”

Praise God for the changes His Word brings to our hearts and lives. Pray more families in Mongolia will open their hearts to Him and to each other. As they discover the truth of His Word, may they too learn to trust Him and pour their hearts out before Him.

God’s Word is heard in Taiwan. Rejoice and pray with us tomorrow on World Prayer Today.