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Pray for change in Uzbekistan

February 15, 2023

On previous prayer treks, we’ve learned that Christians in Uzbekistan live under one of the harshest dictatorships in Central Asia.

This means our small number of brothers and sisters who meet together face persecution, arrest, and torture from targeted attacks by government-controlled media and police. To hear from them is rare, so today let’s rejoice in this note of encouragement:

“I am a homemaker and spend a lot of time in the kitchen listening to music and programs. As I learned about you on social media, I immediately started listening. There was a program on the book of Leviticus, chapter 27, that touched me. After listening, I began to check myself, and God reminded me that I did not fulfill my promises to Him. I immediately repented and asked the Lord for forgiveness. Now I will think three times before I promise. Thank you for delivering the Word of God to my kitchen where I am able to listen in private.”

Isn’t it a joy to hear how God is working through His Word? Together let’s pray more Uzbeks hear it and begin to change the country for His glory:

Father, thank You for our brothers and sisters in Uzbekistan who are faithfully following You despite the risk. We pray boldly and with confidence that You will add to their numbers and call more Uzbek families to Jesus, so that Your Good News spreads throughout this hostile land. May Your Holy Spirit help them read and understand Your Word. Raise up strong disciple-making households, unify Uzbek believers, and continue to build Your church within and through their families. In the precious and mighty name of Jesus our Savior, amen.

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