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We’ve got good news from Kazakhstan

February 13, 2023

If you’ve traveled with us much, you’ve likely heard the popular saying: “To be a Kazakh is to be a Muslim.” For the most part it’s true, and many Kazakhs follow a version of Islam strongly influenced by shamans and indigenous practices. So, we were surprised and delighted to receive this recent text from a listener who wishes to remain anonymous:

“Your programs give me many useful teachings. Purity before marriage is very relevant for today's youth. You also have taught me about the importance of choosing our friends. I am studying at the university, and I have my social circle, my classmates. Through these programs, I realize that decisions and outcomes in our lives can depend on friends. That our friends influence what we believe, what we do, and where we will go in life. Therefore, I will now pray before choosing my friends. Thank you for the programs that teach about Jesus, but also teach important lessons on how we can live life to the fullest. More and more Kazakh people are listening, although they may not admit it. Please keep teaching.”

God’s Word is making a difference in Kazakhstan! Today pray more young people like this one hear and begin to share it with friends. Soon may people say, “to be Kazakh is to know Jesus Christ.”

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