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What to do when life is difficult

January 04, 2023

“The most important thing is to draw near to God. When we do, He promises to draw near to us. We need to keep very close to Him in these days.” -Dr. J. Vernon McGee from “Why Do God’s Children Suffer?”

As we travel on the Bible Bus together, one thing we’ve learned is that God’s people don’t escape suffering, but by drawing close to Him, we can go through it with a sense of God’s nearness. That’s also what we hear from a listener in Tajikistan. Here’s her story:

“We are in a family of five girls and one boy. We are poor, and now my parents and brother are in Russia looking for work. Mom is sick, my grandfather died, and my father could not come to the funeral. Supplies are always short. My older sister is studying at a medical institute. I am in high school. God willing, I also will go to university. I do not want to grow up, as life seems harder for adults. There is no work in Tajikistan, whether you studied or did not study. People suffer.

“My mom is a Christian, but my dad is not. I thank God, He has given us eyes to see the blessings in our life, but it is hard. Please pray for us. There are not many Christians here, and we have to be careful. Your programs speak for God in our lives. Without them we would be hopeless. I am grateful we have a heavenly Father to go to with our burdens.”

Is life difficult right now for you or someone you know and love? As God’s Word goes out today on THRU the BIBLE, ask His Spirit to comfort this family and all those among us in need of care. While we’re at it, ask Him to bear fruit in the Muslim-dominant nation of Tajikistan.

God is changing lives in southern Europe. Hop aboard tomorrow as we hear the story of a truck driver in Greece.