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When you feel like you don’t measure up

January 19, 2023

“I was afraid of God, afraid of His judgement, afraid that I couldn’t live up to His standards.”

That’s the story we hear from Oleg in Russia today as the World Prayer Team travels through eastern Asia. Here’s the rest of his story.

“Thanks to your programs I now trust that Jesus is able to keep me, He has the power to do it, and He loves me. For the first time in my life, God’s love is more visible to me in the Bible than His judgment. Now I can study the Bible without fear. I understand the balance between God’s love and His judgment. I am so grateful. These days I try not to ever miss a study! My thanks to everyone at THRU the BIBLE!”

What a great story. Together let’s thank God for His grace in our lives:

Lord, thank You for Your abundant, abounding grace. Thank You that we don’t have to earn it, that we just have to believe. We’re grateful for the Holy Spirit who helps us live a life that pleases You. Help us to be faithful in the discipline of meeting You within Your Word and through prayer. We love You, Lord. Your mercy and Your Son who provided us a way to escape the judgment we deserve is a precious gift. In the name of Jesus, amen.

God’s Word is enough in our grief. Hear the story of a bereaved father tomorrow on World Prayer Today.

Listen here to TTB-Russian.