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A lack of internet brings opportunity

April 06, 2023

Not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord. -Romans 12:11

I live far from the city and there are not many Christians around me. I wanted to serve the Lord but wasn’t sure how.”

That’s the beginning of a letter we recently received from a fellow Bible Bus passenger in Kazakhstan. He continues:

“One day I had an idea. I am the only one with Wi-Fi in my village. People come and sit near my house to use my connection. Now I open my windows and turn the volume of your programs to the highest level. No one wants to leave because they want access to the internet. If they complain I always tell them they are free to leave, but they don’t. More and more people stay and ask questions about God and Jesus. A few have been saved.”

Thank God for the fervent faith of this man. Ask Him to bless this growing ministry by adding to the numbers of those who come to the Lord in faith. Thank Him for all those who use what they have for His glory.

How are you serving the Lord? Are you sharing what you’re learning on the Bible Bus with family, friends, neighbors or through your church? Email your story to [email protected].