World Prayer Today

God only wants good for us

January 11, 2022

“We need hope that tomorrow will be brighter. We need hope that at the end of this journey there is satisfaction and fullness of life. We get it right here, friend, in God’s Word. Have confidence in the Bible and you will find in it all you need to face the hardships of life.” -Dr. J. Vernon McGee.

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God’s got our problems…

January 10, 2022

“He is the omnipresent God, but at the same time He is ever-present to help us as we face life with its burdens and problems.” -Dr. J. Vernon McGee

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It’s time to be BOLD

January 03, 2022

“God wants to act on our behalf! If we would come into His presence with an attitude of knowing He wants to hear, it would transform our prayer lives.” -Dr. J. Vernon McGee

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