World Prayer Today

Shouldn’t you write, too?

October 10, 2019

“I sooo love hearing how Thru the Bible is taking the whole Word to the whole world. I thought today, if I enjoy hearing letters so much shouldn’t I also write a letter?"

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“We’re praying up here!”

October 07, 2019

“Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I pray in French (my national language) for all the French-speaking nations. In our World Prayer tradition, I travel on my knees ..."

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Stop and pray with us for Japan

October 03, 2019

If you’ve been a member of the World Prayer Team for long, then you know broadcasting God’s Word in Japan can be difficult. But we’re grateful that when God provides a vision, He also provides a way to accomplish it.

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How is our family in Morocco?

September 26, 2019

Yes, believe it—you have family in Morocco. Brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ living in this predominantly Muslim nation may be forced to worship in secret, but as is often the case, persecution has fueled the fires of faith.

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Where’s Qatar?

September 25, 2019

It’s easy to miss Qatar on a map. Dwarfed by the neighboring countries of Saudi Arabia and Iran, Qatar hangs on the top edge of the Arabian Peninsula.

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