World Prayer Today

It took a long time . . . but thank you!

January 11, 2018

Bontov, a young man in Uzbekistan, was brought up to believe in many gods who were to be feared. When he first heard about Jesus Christ, it took a long time to process the different thinking that led him to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

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Who teaches the teachers?

January 10, 2018

Who teaches the Bible teachers in isolated places? Praise God for programs like Thru the Bible that minister to those who are in turn ministering to people in spiritually barren places.

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Praying for single parents

January 04, 2018

“I am a divorced woman and I have five children. Often I do not know how to teach my children about spiritual things and have begun to listen to your program for guidance."

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A great gift

December 26, 2017

“This journey has been a gift. In the beginning I thought that my daily prayer time for people around the world was for them. Now I see how it’s changing me."

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A warm welcome in Kyrgyzstan

December 20, 2017

“Welcome World Prayer Team, I’m glad to have you visit us in Kyrgyzstan.” That’s the warm welcome we receive from the producer of our Central Asian Russian broadcasts as we touch down in the capital city of Bishkek today.

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An update on Uzbekistan

December 19, 2017

“God’s church in Uzbekistan endures difficulties and persecution, but there is good news, too.” That’s the report we receive from Thru the Bible’s in-country director of our Uzbek language broadcasts.

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“I hated Christians”

December 18, 2017

“I hated Christians.” That’s the beginning of a dramatic letter we recently received from a listener named Narayan in Maharashtra, India.

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