World Prayer Today

Psalm 62:8 directs our prayer today

July 13, 2023

As we travel the world together on our knees, we find that no matter where we live our joys and sadness are similar. And we are grateful to have others who pray for us when we desperately need it.

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Religious rules don’t matter

July 12, 2023

Following religious rules doesn’t matter—God only looks at your heart. That’s what we’re learning in our study of Galatians, and that’s what Edgar from El Salvador discovered, too.

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Looking to Jesus in all things

July 10, 2023

Welcome, team! This week we begin our travels through Central America and the Caribbean with a stop in the Dominican Republic where a listener named Marina is excited to share her story.

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Have you been transformed by God’s Word?

July 03, 2023

God’s Word can bring change in our life when nothing else can or will. Spending time focusing on Him helps us to see ourselves and everyone around us differently. That’s what we hear from Psalm 19, and it’s also what we hear from a listener in Kenya today.

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Pray the beauty of God is seen in Botswana

June 27, 2023

There are many great metaphors in the Bible about God’s Word (a light, a sword, a mirror … can you name more?). There are also many great metaphors used by our fellow listeners to describe our studies THRU the BIBLE (a deep dive, a slow drip, a marathon … to name a few).

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God is with us in grief

June 26, 2023

“The Spirit of God is called to help you, to strengthen you, to relieve the loneliness, ease the grief, and calm your fears. He is your advocate in time of fear and trouble. He will be with you in the desperate hour of life.” -Dr. J. Vernon McGee

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When God surprises us

June 23, 2023

As we travel through God’s entire Word, we get a complete picture of who God is, and He speaks to us sometimes in ways we never imagined. That’s what we hear today from Peter in Germany.

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