World Prayer Today

Back on the air in Japan

July 17, 2018

Japan is one of the world’s most challenging mission fields, and broadcasting Christian programs in a practical and effective way to Japanese speakers is only possible with God’s intervention.

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Pray for new ministry strategies in China

July 16, 2018

A generation ago, a curtain fell on mainland China during its “Cultural Revolution.” All communication with the Western world stopped. In spite of the strict cultural constraints, faith in Jesus Christ was still alive, nurtured secretly and at great cost.

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“We are so happy to hear your voices.”

July 06, 2018

One of the benefits of studying through the Bible is that you get a comprehensive guide book on life. So many topics, delivered through many different contexts, help us all to navigate decisions as well as normal ups and downs.

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Blessings from Turkmenistan

July 05, 2018

More than 80% of the country of Turkmenistan is a wasteland—uninhabited and dry. An even greater percentage of the population is spiritually without hope. In this Muslim-dominant nation, one of the only ways to share the good news of Jesus Christ is through Christian radio.

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“Tell me more…”

July 02, 2018

Anywhere in the world that the Good News of Jesus Christ is shared, people will respond. For many, it’s like a drink of cool water in a desert. Such is the case in Belarus where our World Prayer Team visits today.

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Why so many languages?

June 21, 2018

If you’ve been on the prayer team for a while, you’re already praying for the more than 5,000 Radio Home Groups that meet across India, listening to Thru the Bible in more than 50 different languages.

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