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Answered prayers in India

November 27, 2023

As we travel on our knees thanking God for His work in the hearts and lives of our fellow Bible Bus passengers, a listener in India wants to thank you. Here’s her story:

“I am 65 years old, and my husband passed away a few years ago. I have two daughters. Both are married, so I live alone in my house. I had pain in my leg for years and it was difficult to walk. I visited many hospitals, but I did not get a complete cure. One day a neighbor came to see and pray for me. After that, I felt the desire to learn and know God’s Word more. So, my neighbor told me about your program. I began to study God’s Word more and more. Through this program, I got to know who the true God is. Then I started going to church with my friend. My children were against it at first, but now they attend with me. Thank You to all who support and pray for this program. It is a great blessing for many. I join you now in praying for the many unsaved who will hear it, and I pray you too will be blessed.”

Praise be to God for answering our prayers! Join us tomorrow for another great story of His blessing.

Listen here to TTB-Malayalam.