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One Region | One Request: Africa

July 29, 2019 image_African women with baby

One of our newest languages, Lingala—spoken by 70 million people in Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, and the Central African Republic—is now available online. Hear from our producer, Barnabe Muanda.

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How is God Shaping You?

June 25, 2019 Potted plants on a shelf

You may have heard the expression, “He is the potter; I am the clay.” That metaphor comes from the book of Jeremiah—and from our study on the broadcast this month.

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One Region | One Request: Northeast Asia

May 29, 2019 Happy Chinese couple

We praise God that in a region dominated by China, the Word of God goes out and produces fruit in the most unlikely places. Those on the ground in Northeast Asia tell us about how God is at work and how specifically to pray.

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A Unique Opportunity in Central Europe

March 22, 2019 Central Europe

Pray for Thru the Bible to be used to wake up people lulled into complacency and atheism by generations without spiritual influence. Pray for hope and life to spread through Central Europe through new and effective mediums.

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Look at the Cross

March 21, 2019 cross in forest

God made His Son’s soul an offering for sin. Christ Jesus was treated as sin, for we are told in 2 Corinthians 5:21 that He was made sin for us—Him who knew no sin.

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Why Study Colossians?

March 10, 2019 Colossians headline

"This book brings Christ down to where we live--right down to the nitty-gritty, where the rubber meets the road. That's where we need and want a fresh understanding of who Jesus is. You get all you need in Him."

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Why Study Song of Solomon?

February 19, 2019 Song of Solomon headline

Solomon's love song to his wife is a timeless, profound, love letter picturing God's love for us. Dr. McGee tells us, "Salvation is a love affair--we love Him because He first loved us. That is the story this little book is telling."

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Why Study Ecclesiastes?

February 04, 2019 Ecclesiastes headline

Everywhere you look, people are trying to be happy without God. We experiment in a million different ways. The book of Ecclesiastes shows the absurdity of those experiments. Old Testament Solomon, King David's son, tried every field of endeavor and pleasure known to man, and his conclusion was, "It's all vanity."

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One Region—One Request: Southeast Asia

January 29, 2019 Pray for Southeast Asia

This month, let’s pray together, specifically for the very effective delivery of God’s Word in Vietnam through “hubs” where Thru the Bible is distributed on chips that work in cell phones and speaker boxers.

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Beloved—Love Lesson #1

January 29, 2019 woman holding heart

Someone once asked Dr. McGee to name his favorite song. “Too many to mention,” he answered. But in his list he said the Song of Solomon, the Old Testament book, was one of history’s most profound and beautiful songs. “In the Song of Solomon we learn if we turn from the world and set our affections on Jesus, we cannot fathom the infinite preciousness of His love.”

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Why Study Philippians?

January 08, 2019 Philippians headline

Don't you love to get mail? The apostle Paul wrote this loving letter to the Philippians from prison--though you'd never know it. It overflows with practical, personal help to live the Christian life.

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One Region | One Request: Western Europe

December 28, 2018 family camping

Thru the Bible’s mission is a wonderful and grand plan. Its depth (the whole Word) and scope (the whole world) defies manmade strategies—we have to do it God’s way to succeed. Some call this “God room”—the space between what we can do on our own and what could only happen if God steps in.

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Getting from Anxiety to Indescribable Peace

December 28, 2018 calm waters

Most of us will admit to our shame that we worry. We know the Bible says it’s wrong, even sinful, but we still do it. Here’s our opportunity to change our ways. Instead of worrying, let’s pray about everything.

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