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He is risen

March 29, 2024

“He is not here; for He is risen ….” -Matthew 28:6

Resurrection Sunday is a time to celebrate. Once we see Jesus for who He is—the Son of God who died for our sin and rose from the grave—we are never the same. We know that with God anything is possible. That’s the story we hear from Camille in Democratic Republic of Congo. He shares:

“I listened to your program this evening and decided to walk with God. You have convinced me that Jesus is His Son, and that He is all powerful. I have been leading a sinful life and didn’t think it was possible to change. You have taught me otherwise. If Jesus can be raised from the dead, certainly God can do anything. I am filled with joy. Please pray that I become a faithful follower.”

True testimonies of impact like this one is what Resurrection Sunday is all about! This weekend as we rejoice and celebrate our risen Savior, continue to pray that God’s whole Word reaches His whole world. Where it goes, people will listen and believe. Praise God—Jesus is risen; He is risen indeed!

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