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The secret to contentment

February 01, 2024

“Want to know the secret to real contentment? Make Christ the center of your life. If you spend time in the questionable things of this world, your life will lack meaning and power. Instead, invest time thinking about Jesus and His Word and your contentment will grow.” That’s what we hear from Dr. McGee on the Bible Bus today, and that’s what a listener in Mozambique has learned. Here’s his story:

“I write to praise for the teachings of the Word of God, especially in the books written by the apostle Paul. These studies give me light so that I can be connected to God through His Word. I find the more I study, the happier I am and the more I stay away from the bad things that used to keep me from God. Thank you for your help in this life.”

It’s true, the more we as Christians let God be at home in our lives, the more content we are. Today pray more people in Mozambique invite Jesus Christ to be their Savior and center of their lives. As they do, may they be transformed by His grace and continue to abide in Him.

Life for Christians in Eritrea is difficult. Your prayers are needed. Meet us there tomorrow.

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