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What are you living for?

December 12, 2023

“What are you living for?” That’s the important question that got the attention of Tereza in Croatia. Here’s her story:

“I discovered THRU the BIBLE a few months ago. I’m not sure why, but I began listening each day while commuting to work.

“While listening to a message from the Gospel of Luke, you asked us to examine our hearts and think about what we were living for. You asked if our purpose and aim was only for this life or beyond. Something changed within me. I began to reflect on my life, how I spend my days, and what I truly want to achieve.

“I couldn't change all my habits immediately, but I became more aware of my actions. I decided to dedicate more time to what I genuinely value and more time to reading the Bible. As I did, I realized that life has a deeper meaning, and I’ve given what time I have left to the Lord. I am determined to use all I am and all I have to please Him.”

What a terrific report. Together let’s pray for God’s Word as it goes out in Croatia today. Like Tereza, may all those who hear it examine their lives and dedicate their time and talent for His glory.

Good things are happening with God’s Word in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Share in the joy tomorrow.

Listen here to TTB-Croatian.