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Proof God answers prayers

October 24, 2023

When you pray with us for God’s Word to reach His whole world, He answers. Want proof? Listen to this story from a fellow Bible Bus passenger in Ireland:

“This is my seventh trip on the Bible Bus. I began it all many years ago in Africa listening on shortwave, which got my full attention. I had a huge transistor radio and listened each evening. What fun and what a good way to build up that necessary enthusiasm for learning and sharing God’s Word. It’s hard to believe that all these years later you are available in more than 200 languages in so many easy-to-get ways. I appreciate your commitment to everyone hearing the Bible in his/her dream language. You call it heart language, I call it dream language.

“I listen often in English and German, and this thrills me. However, Afrikaans is the language I dream in and the language of my true home. I lost my eyesight in the 'Rhodesian bush war' way back on May 19, 1977. In the hospital that same year, God found me and my journey as a ‘believer’ had only begun.

“Gratefully I have most of Dr. McGee’s teaching material in one format or another. I even have a solar Bible Bus player with a flashlight and FM radio. I received this as a gift from my twin brother who is a dedicated preacher in Atlanta, Georgia. He too is a Bible Bus passenger and loves this deep dive into God’s mighty Word. I also have a flash drive, and I find his Notes & Outlines are very integral to all of the major teachings.

“Please note, you and your team are always in my daily prayers. I know over the years it has been a struggle for you to share God’s Word in Israel. This has been a dominant prayer of mine for about three years.”

Isn’t that amazing? In this one story, we hear of God’s Word being heard in at least four countries and three languages. God is doing more than we can imagine! Keep praying, team, and keep praising Him for the opportunities He provides for His Word to be heard and for the opportunity to hear from His faithful people along the way.

A way back from disillusionment with God—that’s the powerful story we have tomorrow from a listener in Switzerland.